Blessing in everything




Love and time.


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Angels give you love and time.

Easily and by far the two most valuable things in life, and in this whole universe, are love and time. If you think ‘time is money,’ then you are basically saying that time has a dollar value. That is not always the case. Maybe in business people’s time can be bought. But in affairs of the heart, time is a gift. In our domestic life, time is a precious blessing that people give because they love you and want to be close to you. Time with ones you love is the most valuable thing.

Convinced? Try buying more time with your daughter when you’re old and she’s grown up and you’ve neglected your relationship her whole life. It’s not going to happen, my friend. First, recognize your angels by realizing they want to spend time with you because they love you.

My Teaching Philosophy


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Education and knowledge is a way to reach god and teaching is a way to instill knowledge, and I believe it’s a sacred duty. For me, teaching is not just a job, it’s a passion! A passion to impart and share awareness with individuals. My aim to have selected this teaching domain is mainly to help humans to get rid of ignorance, superstitions, blind beliefs, racial and ethical differences and shine bright with a sense of direction in life, by having a reflective and inductive thought to develop their creativity. With time, experience and right understanding, I’m able to tackle problem individually, solve them methodically, and teach accordingly and I have more to learn.

A teacher has a very important role to play in one’s life; that is to deliver knowledge, the right kind and helps in understanding plus developing of one’s skills. By being reflective and innovative helps in equipping individuals with knowledge for the future as a future adult. Good experience will lead to bright and motivated future. They should be able to critically analyze and implement real life situation both intellectually and socially. Lighting the path and removing darkness slowly is the greatest enlightenment a teacher can do.  An attitude of being grateful for everything that surrounds us and being lucky to receive and implement knowledge is not given for all.

My philosophy is to keep innovating and think out of the box. Help to grow ideas and always give a direction and not aim at preaching only but impart knowledge, as adolescents do not know about themselves yet, their identity as they are undergoing hormonal changes. Establishing a connection and a bond between teacher and student is a must. Always using positive comments in negative situations- positive reinforcement.  Teacher should have a coping mechanism to identify problems. A teacher should be a good observer, and give attention to everyone. Ask simple questions to make everyone participate and sort.

Teaching is not restricted in four walls only, I love sharing my knowledge, be it with kids, adults or elder person. Be humble and always grateful is my motto, and I always wish all learner great courage, strength and wisdom to grow and grow and grow.





25 + 1


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25 years and one day only I am consciously on this earth, yet I barely understand the world and its containing, specially being, human being. Those who appear near are actually far, and those far are near.

I have realised that individuals are here to live as merely ‘individuals’, and not dependent on other objects or subjects. Then a question came into my mind ‘what it is to exist?’ I can see all philosophical theories bias here, how can one be free yet dependent? Well, i believe self-understanding comes first but the self is huge as the world, we try to escape reality by self-understanding. eurm not clear? Saw that confusion? Nothing is clear all is blurred out. Maybe those are changes?
Life is ever flowing, ever moving, ever changing & forever evolving.. Should plant the seed of positivity into the mind, nourish it daily with love & happiness will flower, as fear begins to die.. #help

Silver jubilee


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9131 days, 1/4 century, yess it is no surprise that each second we are growing. Hair-falls, skin-falls or tear falls, every of these tiny things make life.

It is my silver jubilee, my 25th years of existence on earth. There were some times in life where there were downs, hopelessness but after all these were only here to make one stronger. Not everyone agreed with me but I made sure to stand up for myself, without putting anyone down.

I learnt to live in gratitude where every night before going to bed, I thank something or someone for the day I had, for everything actually, be it good or bad. There were difficult times but with the right support and right mindset, I managed to overcome them.

Remember: What goes around comes around, it is best to spread the light within, to brighten your world & everyone’s world.

Just like everyday today, also I thank everyone and everything for being part of my amazing life. And special thanks to that thing that always guides me in sorrows and happiness.
Heartfelt thank you. 



Share our knowledge..



We must share our knowledge with other people. … We all have abilities far beyond what we use.
You develop through relationships. There are some with higher powers who have come back with more knowledge. They will seek out those who need the development and help them.

In this one-room schoolhouse we call the earth, we do not learn all of our lessons simultaneously. For example, we may have already mastered the course in compassion and charity, but we may only be beginners when it comes to patience or forgiveness. We may be graduate students in faith and hope, but kindergartners in anger or non-violence.

Messages from the masters


Co-existence and harmony



Co-existence and harmony . . . Everything must be balanced Nature is balanced. The beasts live in harmony. Humans have not learned to do that. They continue to destroy themselves. There is no harmony, no plan to what they do. It’s so different in nature. Nature is balanced. Nature is energy and life .. . and restoration. And humans just destroy. They destroy nature. They destroy other humans. They will eventually destroy themselves.

Messages from the masters
Changing the World

Steps in Overcoming Fear

Fear is the most limiting of all emotions..

Awakening Journey

Fear is the most limiting of all emotions, and most of us operate our lives based in fear without much awareness.  That is, our behaviors, reactions, and decisions are determined by our fears created by our past emotional pain, trauma, or abuse. Fear is a negative emotion created by our ego.  Therefore, we do not need to make our decisions based in fear, so we can behave, react, and decide for our lives what is best by our higher selves for our highest potential.  Fears also creates anxiety and depression and a host of other mental illnesses.  I wrote an earlier post, “Overcoming Fear,” that giving into fear is a choice whether consciously or unconsciously.

I am sharing the specific steps I use to manage and overcome my fears called, “Emotional Release Practice.” Please see this link for additional details. It goes something like this:


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Ego’s Emotions and Illusions

‘We begin to experience our truth through genuine feelings, speak our truth, and finally, live our truth” 🙂 Thank you Brooke.

Awakening Journey


In the spiritual community, we hear many who talk about feeling our experiences instead of thinking about them, and how we must be in touch with our feelings instead using our rational minds to experience our world.  I generally agree with being in touch with our feelings as it taps directly in our intuitive center.  However, I have observed those who are driven by their emotions that is influenced by our egos, and confusing this with their feelings.

I have observed that feelings are different from emotions. Many who are experiencing spiritual growth confuse these two as well including yours truly in the past.  When we have not released our egos, we have emotions that change from moment to moment.  Our egos raise many negative emotions such as fear, resentment, anger, jealousy, greed, envy, etc.  When we are driven by our emotions that are transient in nature, ever changing from…

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Life’s second chance


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Some says second love does not exist, I would say that people is pessimist. I think everyone should give life a second chance. It is true that the first love is unique, powerful, and hard to forget, but time is the best teacher and healer. Nothing goes to waste on the journey of life, both good & bad experiences, simply shape the mind & heart for what is to come. Just shaping the heart and mind with the right wisdom one can overcome any storm.

There is no need to become bitter, what has gone has gone, one must flower again & shine brightly as before. Moreover, by losing someone does not mean life stops there. For sure, it hurts, without the bad like hurt and pain we would never realize the weight of that love. One should not be led by fear or sadness, always allow love to guide, confusion will just lead in circles and love shall find you freedom.


Sometimes, as a normal human being we do want love, affection, care, support, craziness, a friend, well everything, that little world of just two souls. At that very moment, we are taught about patience and about ourselves, and realizing that, oops we have a heart!

Love, believe me, is such a wonderful and peaceful feeling, and one should not wait or expect love from a human only. I lost my hero few months back, I said no one can ever be like him but was restricting my thoughts which was wrong, and then released that thought. And today we welcomed a new sweetheart, a new love. She is a female, no name yet. Just have a look at the cuteness. 🙂

2014-02-02 18.35.17

I sincerely hope whoever is seeking love do find theirs. Sincerely ask something and you will get it, and remember to always be positive, even in the negative. Life is a duality just find the balance.

Thank you 🙂

Hello 2014


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A new year, a new day, a new dawn, a fresh chance to make the world a better place, fresh hope appears like a beautiful rainbow after the rain..

Do the maximum best to make 2014 as positive and productive as possible. No expectations, just living and appreciating the moment.

Wish you all lovely people a very happy and auspicious year. Full of happiness and appreciation..

Goodbye 2013


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2013 was a year with not so much of excitement and adventures but rather peaceful, calm and enlightening. I found that happiness is within myself and not by expecting on others (again and again).

Besides these, I have met and known amazing people. Been in heartfelt mode very often. Tried to offer my gratitude to nearly everyone and everything I could.

My greatest challenge was to get to know my ‘depths’ and specially assume my femininity. The first part remains unexplored whereas the second part, somewhat assuming! Well, at least I did not quit without trying. well, It’s not the end yet 😉

Thanks to everyone and everything. Thanks to the unknowable guiding force, the wisdom, the courage, the strength. Thank you

I wish that 2014 brings good surprises and more positive changes.




2013 in review


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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Love can heal, stress can kill


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Over the course of our lifetimes, an overlay of fear, anger, envy, sadness, insecurity, and many other negative thoughts and emotions accrues and covers our beautiful inner nature. This outer covering is intensified and reinforced by our childhood training and experiences in the current life. We appear to be what we are not—angry and fearful people, filled with insecurity, guilt, and self-doubts. We have forgotten who we really are.

We do not need to learn about love and balance, about peace and compassion, about forgiveness and faith. We have always known these things.

Instead, our task is to unlearn those negative and harmful emotions and attitudes that plague our lives and cause us, our communities, and our world such misery. As we let go of these negative traits, lo and behold, we rediscover our true nature, our positive and loving self. It has been there all the time, covered over, obscured, and forgotten.

When we remove the outer layers of dirt and debris, the negative thoughts and emotions, when we clean and polish away the outer overlay, then we can once again discern the true diamonds we really are.  We have always been diamonds underneath.

Letting go of fear, anger, and other negative emotions is important for good physical health as well as for spiritual well-being. It is now widely recognized that mental stress (which includes negative emotions such as fear, anger, chronic anxiety, and depression) is one of the leading causes of illness and death in the world. Our bodies are intimately linked to our minds, so our moods and emotions are easily translated into physical symptoms. Love can heal; stress can kill.

Removing Obstacles to Happiness and Joy – Messages from the Masters ( Tapping into the Power of Love) Excerpt. by Brian L. Weiss, M.D